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Download the ENTIRE ISSUE TODAY $2.95

The Thrills and Chills of Publishing

From Editor, J. Douglas Kenyon

In November, 1994, we published Atlantis Rising #1. Now, twenty years later, we are happy to report, this publication is still going strong and our future looks brighter than ever. That is a statement which, at least in America, no other paper-and-ink publisher in our market niche can make. In fact, as far as we know, of the various printed publications offered to our audience during that time, the only one still standing is Atlantis Rising Magazine.

In recent years, other U.S. magazines intended for the same readership have formed, but they have been strictly virtual affairs—existing only in cyberspace on the Internet. If you like your ancient mysteries, unexplained anomalies, and future science in a form that can be carried where wifi never reaches, Atlantis Rising is your only choice.

Fortunately for you, this publication is now available in more locations than ever, and, very soon we hope, in many more. Six months ago, though, we could not have predicted this would be the case. In June of 2014 Atlantis Rising had its own near-death experience.

The distributor from whom we received three quarters of our North American newsstand business, including Barnes & Noble and other chain stores, suddenly, and without warning, went bankrupt. SourceInterlink, one of the largest companies serving the American magazine newsstand market, collapsed. In a dispute over bill payment, Time Inc. had cut them off from its many magazine titles, leaving them unable to do business. For small publishers like us, the bankruptcy not only meant being cut off from regular business going forward, it also meant a major loss of income already owed to us. It was a true crisis. The story, though, we a can now report, has a happy ending.

Almost immediately we were able to make a deal with CurtisCirc, the largest magazine distributor in the world and a part of the venerable Curtis Publishing empire. The storied Curtis magazine family has, in the past, included such iconic names as Holiday, Jack & Jill, The Ladies Home Journal and The Saturday Evening Post which traced its roots back to Benjamin Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette, the nation's first newspaper. Over the years, we had conducted several conversations with Curtis, but, for contractual and other reasons, we had never been able to close a deal. Now, unexpectedly freed from our commitment to SourceInterlink, we found ourselves looking at much broader horizons. For readers of Atlantis Rising's paper-and-ink version, this means you should soon find it in many more locations. If you can't locate it right away, speak to your magazine vendor, tell them Atlantis Rising is available through CurtisCirc, and demand that they carry it.

This issue is the fourth to be distributed by Curtis and already we have begun to see promising developments, especially in foreign countries. This is especially good news for our readers in the United Kingdom who will, beginning with this issue, find us in many of their own stores. Over time, of course, we expect the number of outlets to grow.

In the meantime, for all those who still can't find us on a nearby newsstand, there are alternatives. For the print issue, one can obtain a postal subscription by calling us toll-free at 800-228-8381, or by visiting our website at AtlantisRising.com and clicking on the "Subscribe" link. Prices for our foreign and first-class subscriptions are listed on page 65 of this issue.

And, of course, don't forget the Internet. You can always order single-issue PDF downloads from our website. And if you prefer your reading on a mobile computing device, just download the free mobile app from the Apple App Store; from the Kindle Store at Amazon.com; or from the Google Play Store. Mobile subscriptions are available within the Apple App. To find our app, just search for Atlantis Rising Magazine.

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