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Does a Seventeenth-Century Coin Depict a UFO?
An ancient jeton, a coin-like object used for counting, shows an unusual circular entity that looks remarkably like a flying saucer. Some have even argued that the image represents the Biblical Ezekiel's wheel, which they claim is the Bible's own tale of a UFO encounter.

Many Icelanders Believe in 'Hidden People'
A myth from Iceland's folk traditions has persisted, and has led to the suspicion that the wee folk may still be out there among the rocks. That belief has led to road and housing plans being altered to avoid sites associated with them.

Is the Moon About to Be Hit by an Asteroid?
A huge asteroid with a highly unpredictable orbit that has more chance of hitting the Moon than Earth when it passes in October, has been closely monitored since its discovery in 2015.

Half of Western European Men Descended from One Bronze Age 'King'
The lineage, according to a new study, comes from a 'king' who sired a dynasty of elite nobles which spread throughout Europe.

Giant Stone Sphere Discovered in Europe
The enigmatic sphere resembles mysterious stone spheres found in Costa Rica, which, researchers believe, were carved thousands of years ago by civilized people. The new find is seen as evidence of a lost European civilization.

Leonardo da Vinci Paintings Analyzed for DNA
The mystery of where Leonardo da Vinci is buried could be laid to rest after scientists, enabled by new technology, complete a painstaking search for his DNA. They believe that Leonardo may have left traces of his DNA in paintings, notebooks and drawings, and are planning to study his works for fingerprints, flakes of skin and even hair.

Mysterious Cloud over Mars Linked to Massive Solar Outburst
Back in March 2012, a mysterious cloud plume, 155 miles above the Martian surface, was spotted by amateur astronomers. The clouds were far too high up for normal formations. Now, scientists are suggesting the event, which has been debated ever since its discovery, was actually caused by the Sun.

One-and-a-half Years to Mars? Russia Could Do It in One-and-a-half Months
The head of the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, Sergey Kirienko, wants to use nuclear energy to power spaceships...

Science Team in Antarctica Reaches a Subglacial Lake
Investigators have been able to bore down into Lake Whillans, a body of water in the west of Antarctica, and buried half a mile under the ice. According to the BBC, this 'lake' is more like a dense system of delta-like streams.

The Dwarf Planet Ceres May Have a Huge Ocean that Could Support Life
Scientists have detected ice on the planet's surface, which could mean Ceres is hiding an ocean below its frozen crust. Where there's water, there might be life.

Lakes Discovered Beneath Greenland Ice Sheet
A new study has produced evidence of two lakes 800 meters below the Greenland Ice Sheet. The two lakes are each roughly five-miles square, and, at one point, may have been up to three times larger than their current size.

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