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Technologies of the Gods

Issue 109 January/February 2015

Mysterious Missionaries

The Friar Who Discovered America

Exploring Purgatory

Self-Fulfilling Skepticism

Once Upon a Time in Inner Space

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Issue 108 November/January 2014

Giant Predecessors in America

Orphic Mysteries in Bulgaria

Templars in Switzerland

The Reality of High Strangeness

Mystery of the Placebo Effect

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Issue 107 September / October 2014

Ancient Nukes on Mars?

More on Crime in the Great Pyramid

Upton Sinclair and Mental Radio

Dr. Eben Alexander on Graduation

Quantum Teleportation

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Issue 106 July / August 2014

Crime In The Great Pyramid?

Maps Before History

Scent of a Dinosaur

The Roots of Kahunaism

The Multiverse Consideration

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Issue 105 May / June 2014

Lost Tribes

Morphic Fields and DNA

Challenging the Illusion of Death

Pathological Skepticism

A Question of Breeding

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Issue 104 March / April 2014

Global Drying

The Beasts of Beringia

The Man Who Could Not Be King

Pythagoras and the Beanstalks

A Journey to Gunung Padang

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Issue 103 January / February 2014

Genetic Manipulation

Deep Time in Deep Trouble

The Engineers of Puma Punku

The Garden of Eden in Egypt?

The Blessings of Chaos

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Issue 102 November / December 2013

Lake Vostok's Secret Life

Easter Island's Astonishing Antiquity

The Suspension of Disbelief

The Zodiac of Glastonbury

Did the Welsh Discover America?

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Issue 101 September / October 2013

Neanderthals and Civilization

Creatures of the Underworld

Facing the Extinction Threat

Mathematics of Catastrophe

Imhotep: Ancient Genius

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Issue 100 July / August 2013

Gobekli Tepe - The Cosmic Connection

The Coming New Species

Ancient Code of the Temple Builders

The Man Who Proved He Wasn't Dead

Vikings and Iroquois: Blood Brothers

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